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Daintree Estates is committed to growing and producing the highest quality cocoa products in the most ethical, environmentally sustainable and equitable ways possible.

Supporting the local community Not only is our Australian cocoa grown locally in the Daintree region, but the sugar in our chocolate products also comes from Mossman.  We proudly support the Mossman and surrounding communities through commercial and philanthropic ventures.
Environmental responsibility We recognise that the spectacular flavours and properties in our chocolate and cocoa products are partly due to the unique ecosystem of the Daintree region.  We respect the land and only use environmentally safe practices in growing and harvesting our fruit.
Agricultural sustainability We are committed to the longevity of the Australian cocoa industry so many generations can enjoy wonderful cocoa and chocolate from the region.  Therefore we encourage sustainable cocoa growing practices and assist all of our growers to achieve this.
Natural and wholesome ingredients Although cocoa and related products can be produced cheaper with the inclusion of artificial and chemical ingredients and processes, we always favour natural ingredients.  That way, every bite becomes a guilt-free experience.  So go on, indulge yourself!
Professional business relationships We appreciate the cooperation and assistance provided by a large number of passionate folk which has allowed us to launch the world's first commercially produced Australian origin chocolate.  We treat all business partners and customers with absolute respect and strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism in all facets of our operations.



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