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17 February 2016

Daintree Cocoa assisting the Australian Government to test cocoa pod splitters

Mossman, Australia –  Daintree Cocoa Pty Ltd is assisting the Australian Federal Government to test and evaluate mechanical cocoa pod splitters for effectiveness.

Australia's relatively high cost of labour has prompted the Australian Government to collaborate with the emerging commercial cocoa industry to evaluate mechanical options to splitting cocoa pods, rather than by hand as is typically the practice in other cocoa producing nations.

"Right from the start, we knew we would need to implement mechanical pod splitting technology" said Director and co-founder of the Daintree Estates brand, Tim Davies.  "In fact it was one of the very first things we did when the company was first launched in 2010.  Since then, we have been directly involved with the development of several cocoa pod splitter prototypes.  Add to that the cocoa pod splitter developed by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Forestry as part of the original Northern Australian Cocoa Development Alliance feasibility study, and it's obvious that Australia is leading the charge on this technology."

Two mechanical cocoa pod splitters are being assessed for use by the Australian industry under the direction of the Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation (RIRDC).

"We are fully aware of the significance of Australia's role in improving efficiencies for cocoa production and processing globally" said Davies.  "We have already received expressions of interest in Australian mechanical pod splitters from Cameroon and Hawaii amongst other cocoa producing regions."

"Whilst the technology is showing early promise, the real test is how well we can separate the beans from the placenta and pod shells, as these can spoil the critical fermentation process that follows, resulting in poor flavour profiles and ultimately reducing the chocolate quality and flavour."

The final reports on the pod splitter operations are due to be submitted back to RIRDC in a few month's time and will be shared with the broader Australian cocoa industry.

For more information contact:
Daintree Estates
Tim Davies

28 October

Daintree Cocoa finalist in 2015 International Cocoa Awards in Paris

Paris, France –  Australian cocoa has been recognised as among the best in the world.

Australia was one of 11 new countries participating in the 2015 International Cocoa Awards for the first time.  Daintree Cocoa Pty Ltd was selected as a finalist from the 146 cocoa processors from 35 countries all competing for recognition as the top cocoa producers.

The International Cocoa Awards are held every 2 years by BioDiversity International (www.cocoaofexcellence.org) and awarded at the Salon du Chocolat expo in Paris, France.  The 2015 Awards Ceremony was held on 28 October 2015.

The cocoa beans entered by Daintree Cocoa Pty Ltd came from the Whyanbeel Valley Estate just north of Mossman in Far North Queensland, close to the Heritage protected Daintree Rainforest.  The fermenting and drying of these beans was carried out under carefully controlled conditions by Daintree Cocoa Pty Ltd.

Attending the Award Ceremony in Paris to accept the Finalist Certificate, Daintree Cocoa Pty Ltd co-founder and director Tim Davies said "This is an incredible achievement.  We only started growing cocoa in Australia about 8 years ago, and our cocoa yield volume is almost insignificant by global standards."

The International Cocoa Awards aim to highlight the best quality cocoa beans after they have been fermented and dried, and thereby recognise the combined influence of both growing and processing techniques on bean quality. 

"As one of an elite few plantation-to-plate cocoa processors in the world, Daintree Cocoa’s recognition as a finalist in the International Cocoa Awards highlights demonstrates how crucial the fermenting and drying stages of cocoa processing are in contributing to the final chocolate flavour profile and quality," said Mr Davies.  "Our cocoa beans are noticeably more aromatic and less bitter than beans from other cocoa regions, and this allows us to produce premium quality couverture with high cocoa, low sugar recipes that taste terrific."

Presently, cocoa beans produced by Daintree Cocoa Pty Ltd are used solely to produce chocolate and related cocoa products under the Daintree Estates brand.

For more information contact:
Daintree Estates
Tim Davies

2015 International Cocoa Awards

Awards & Finalist Results

24 October 2015

Australian Adopt-a Chocolate Tree program launched

Mossman, Queensland – The primary ingredient in chocolate is cocoa.  Originally a native tree of South America, the cocoa tree (cacao theobroma) is now grown around the world within 15 degrees of the equator.

After recently discovering that conditions in Far North Queensland were ideal for growing cocoa, Australia commenced growing cocoa commercially in 2007.  This is hugely significant because Australia’s first world infrastructure, technology, and research capabilities supports the development of efficiencies, protocols and technology which can be implemented globally, thus improving the welfare and profitability of cocoa growing communities around the world.

Now you can adopt your very own cocoa tree, follow its progress, and enjoy chocolate made from the cocoa it grows.  The program website www.adoptachocolatetree.com explains the program in full detail. 

Daintree Cocoa Pty Ltd director Tim Davies said, "Most people have no idea where chocolate comes from or how it is made.  When you tell them chocolate is made from fermented fruit, they usually think you're pulling their leg.  But it's true!"

Funds raised from the Adopt-a Chocolate Tree program go directly to support Australian farmers plant and care for more cocoa trees, and also contributes to ongoing research programs to boost cocoa plantation yields, bean quality and processing efficiency

At the end of the adoption period, participants will receive chocolate made from cocoa grown on their tree.  Perhaps the only uncertainty is how much of the chocolate will be shared.

For more information contact:
Daintree Estates
Tim Davies


28 April 2014

Chocolatiers Unite!

Melbourne, Victoria – The Ministry of Chocolate, gourmet producer of handmade chocolates, is proud to announce its partnership with Daintree Estates, growers and manufacturers of Australian cocoa. 

Drew Maddison, owner and pastry chef at the Ministry of Chocolate is excited to announce that he will represent Daintree Estates as their Ambassador.  Daintree Estates already has a popular following amongst discerning chocolate lovers and supporters of Australian grown chocolate.  The collaboration will see a new and exciting range of chocolate products with an Australian twist on flavours and presentation.

"It’s an exciting opportunity for us as a Melbourne based producer to use chocolate that is uniquely Australian," said Drew.  "It is also important to us to support other Australian producers."

Chairman of Daintree Estates, Dr Barry Kitchen said that this partnership was a natural partnership for two outstanding businesses. This combines the best and only commercial Australian Chocolate with an exceptional creator of gourmet finished chocolate products. The companies will support each other in promotional and product offerings but also remain separate entities with their own unique product ranges.  

Products are available at the Ministry of Chocolate, 1361 High Street, Malvern, open 7 days a week.  Additionally, online stores can be found at www.daintreeestates.com  and www.ministryofchocolate.com.au.

For more information contact:
The Ministry of Chocolate
Karin Maddison

(03) 9824 5437

Daintree Estates
Tim Davies







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