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Becoming a Daintree Estates cocoa grower

As if tasting the world's only Australian grown chocolate isn't awesome enough, how about actually growing cocoa and being a part of this history-making story yourself?

To help Australia's fledgling cocoa industry gear up to meet strong interest from local and overseas distributors and retailers, we are seeking more cocoa growers in Far North Queensland.  Daintree Estates is a co-operative venture where Far North Queensland cocoa farmers have direct input into the business and marketing strategy and share in the profits of the entire business.

Is cocoa growing profitable?

Many of our existing cocoa growers are also sugarcane growers.  Once planted, cocoa trees take around 3-4 years before they bear usable pods.  Once productive though, through our unique profit-sharing model, cocoa growing in Far North Queensland can provide substantially higher returns per hectare compared to sugarcane.  Over the past few years, we have experimented with growing methodology to identify ways of naturally increasing yields, resulting in higher returns for the same area of land.  All of our cocoa growers have access to the collective experience and know-how of the group.

Do I qualify to become a Daintree Estates cocoa grower? 

Cocoa only grows within a certain distance from the equator and in specific climatic and environmental conditions.  If you have at least 1 hectare available for this purpose within comfortable driving distance from Mossman, Far North Queensland and are interested in becoming a cocoa grower, please email us with the following information:

  - Your name
- Your phone number
- Brief summary of your faming experience
- Where you propose to establish a cocoa estate

We will then contact you to discuss the opportunity further.

Yes, I am interested in becoming a Daintree Estates cocoa grower



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