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About Daintree Estates

Ten years ago, Daintree Estates was little more than a wild idea to do something no one in Australia had ever been game to try: to grow cocoa in Far North Queensland, then use that locally grown cocoa to create the finest quality chocolate, and do it in the most ethical and equitable way possible.


From pods to product

Daintree Estates ticks the right boxes when it comes to providing local business and community benefits, and implementing a total supply chain model that sets a benchmark for sustainability in Australian agribusiness.

Located in the pristine heart of the Daintree region, Daintree Estates grows young cocoa trees in the nursery facilities on the estates of our growers. Many of these growers are third and fourth generation farmers in the region. All are passionate about maintaining the Daintree as it is and practising farming techniques that minimise the impact on this pristine environment.

The same growers raise the cocoa trees from seedlings, harvest their cocoa crops from mature trees on their plantations and deliver the pods to our fermentary, located on one of our estates. Here, the cocoa pods are split and the beans fermented and dried ready to be converted into Daintree Estates' uniquely flavoured single-origin and estate-origin chocolates.  We use Australian sugar and dairy ingredients in our chocolates. Our chocolates are processed to produce a fine particle size equivalent to premium European chocolates so you can enjoy superb texture and flavour in every bite.

One of our ripe Australian cocoa pods growing at Mossman, Queensland


Daintree Cocoa – unique in so many special ways

In 2011, Daintree Estates became the first company to make chocolate from single origin cocoa beans grown in Australia. We also launched the first chocolate made from organic single-origin cocoa beans grown in Australia. We were the first company growing and processing cocoa pods into fermented dry beans and producing chocolate commercially from these beans in Australia, and are one of an elite handful of plantation-to-plate or tree-to-bar chocolate manufacturers in the world.

Each of our growing estates is unique, with cocoa being grown in different soil types, sunshine and shade conditions and a balanced water supply using natural rainwater and selective irrigation. Such diversity ensures we produce an equally unique range of cocoa flavours and aromas from each of our estates. We are very proud of all our estates and suppliers.

We are actively seeking more local farmers in the region to become cocoa growers to meet what is sure to be significant demand for our unique Australian origin chocolates.

Find out more about becoming a Daintree Estates cocoa grower


Our innovative team and partners

Our chocolates are formulated and produced by dedicated specialists with over 30 years plus experience in the food and confectionery industry. Our team of creative food scientists and technologists, our processing and operations engineers and our sales and marketing specialists all play an important role in delivering a unique process and product innovation pipeline that will differentiate Daintree Cocoa and Daintree Estates as a unique cocoa and chocolate business.

Australian sugar cane growing at Mossman, Queensland
As well as producing our chocolate products ourselves with world class, small-scale processing equipment, we have partnered with some of the most experienced small to medium sized chocolate co-manufacturers in the country to bring to our consumers the highest quality and unique-tasting chocolate experiences.

We exclusively use Queensland grown and refined raw sugar in all of our chocolate products.

Daintree Cocoa’s intellectual property and know-how in product development and formulation, harvesting and fermenting ensures that we will be able to bring unique, competitively-priced chocolate products to you for generations to come.







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